The best and latest apps for HarmonyOS. What is worth paying attention to?

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HarmonyOS is an operating system developed by Huawei, designed to run on electronic devices – primarily smartphones and smart watches. 

In addition to security and reliability, a wide selection of applications is what attracts consumers who choose HarmonyOS. Soon, in September, HarmonyOS 3.0 will be premiered. What news will we be able to look for in the AppGallery resources? 

What’s new in HarmonyOS?

Already, thanks to the collaboration with Empik Music, users who have purchased the Huawei Watch 3 smartwatch have access to music resources for a year for free! The new version of the system also announces the introduction of a smart mirror – we will be able to pair our device with it, the dashboard of which will be displayed on the surface of the mirror. While brushing your teeth or applying makeup, you will be able to reply to messages or, for example, watch a movie. Other similar SmartHome solutions allowing integration of additional devices are also planned.

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