SEO audit basics – what you need to know to get started

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An appropriate position of a website in a search engine has a considerable influence on company profits. It is worth entrusting SEO processes to an experienced agency like the Chicago SEO team – the starting point should be a SEO audit or more precisely WooCommerce SEO audit which regularly turns out to be more affordable for e-commerce. What is worth knowing about this process? Chicago SEO team explains! 

SEO is important for both big and small companies

First of all, there is an interesting tendency among search engine users – a vast majority of people look only at the first few results. This means that a high ranking can bring a significant increase in the visibility of a website and increase the number of customers, which translates into a lot of profits. This is an important process for small businesses just entering the market, as well as large players who want to maintain a competitive edge.

To be able to count on maximum benefits from SEO, it’s worth entrusting this task to an SEO agency. Many companies of this type also offer extensive packages including, among others, social media support or support in the use of paid advertising or even more advanced solutions like SEO for Squarespace which is a whole website building platform. However, positioning still remains the basis of online marketing, and the first step to establish cooperation with an agency should be a professional WooCommerce SEO audit.

What is a WooCommerce SEO audit? The scope of activities and expected results

WooCommerce SEO audit is a proposal for all website owners who want to start actions connected with positioning or find out what elements of the website need work. This type of analysis consists in thorough checking of numerous factors that may affect the position of the website in search results. The greatest importance here is the functioning of Google algorithms due to the fact that it is this search engine that has a dominant position in Poland.

A professional help from a Chicago SEO agency covers a number of issues important from the search engine perspective such as key phrases, page structure, linking and many others. After performing an SEO audit the result should be a detailed report with recommendations concerning the content and operation of the website. Efficiently performed audit will allow to prepare optimal strategy that takes into account not only technical aspects but also factors such as competitors’ actions. It is worth mentioning that depending on the industry, published content or service the action plan may differ significantly

What is SEO for Squarespace and how does it look?

Conducting an SEO for Squarespace on your own is quite time-consuming, and without proper knowledge and experience it will be difficult to draw correct conclusions. That is why entrepreneurs often decide to support SEO agencies that offer professional help in this matter.

SEO for Squarespace starts with a technical analysis of the website, which will identify potential problems with the code or factors affecting loading times. The main part of the process is to check the impact of the current website content on its visibility in the search engine – keywords and linking play a large role here. Actions taken by an SEO agency can be divided into off-site activities (e.g. linking from other websites) and on-site activities (all issues related to the website itself). Additionally, it is worth checking the possibility of conducting a UX audit – search engines take into account not only the text of the page itself, but also the user experience. Such an analysis will determine whether the website is clear and pleasant to use, and actions related to this issue may translate into easier retention of customer interest.

SEO audit – is it worth it?

Price of SEO audit, as well as time of execution, depends largely on the type of page and specificity of a given industry. In some cases we will pay even several thousand PLN for such an analysis. Usually, however, it is worth conducting an audit and then establishing cooperation with an SEO agency. Improving a website’s position in the search engine directly translates into more clients, thanks to which we can increase profits in the long-term perspective. Another useful process may be a Google Ads audit, which will determine the potential of paid links displayed above the organic search results.

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  • Ronald Stinson 11.08.2022

    I run a small business, and I strongly agree that auditing works well for smaller companies as well. However, it has a slightly different character. First of all, it is not so extensive and does not consist of so many elements. SEO is for everyone, and small businesses can also benefit enormously from it. Audit, in turn, is an important activity at the very beginning, because it affects the effectiveness of further positioning. Therefore, you should invest in these activities, regardless of what company you run and what you do.