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Eating is an inseparable part of our everyday life. It is also an important part of many gatherings and sometimes even an excuse to spend time together. What apps will make us chefs?

Because of our increasingly fast-paced lives, the kitchen is often used to heat up dishes or make coffee, but less and less often for real cooking. More and more developed box catering services, food deliveries and practically unlimited choice of restaurants make cooking by yourself seem like a waste of time. However, we all have to eat, so it’s good to have skills beyond boiling water and turning on the microwave. In addition, cooking at home can be fun, and the satisfaction of preparing a dish like “Master Chef” can greatly increase self-esteem

And you have to remember that you can’t be as sure of anything as you can be of food that has been created from scratch in your own kitchen and with your own hands. This can be especially important for allergy sufferers and people who care about the least amount of preservatives.

Fortunately, technology comes to the rescue in this area of life as well. Cookbooks have long since become irrelevant in the kitchen. Today it is enough to enter a search engine and type in the type of cuisine or dish that interests us and voilà! In a moment we can start cooking. What if it could be even more convenient? On the market you can find several interesting cooking applications that will make this process not only easier but also more enjoyable.


This is a Polish application created by the largest culinary service in Poland. In the application database we can find over 37 thousand different recipes for various occasions. All presented dishes are suggestions of other users, so they are already proven. In addition, if we like a recipe, we can check other proposals of this user. Of course, there are various categories, there is a search engine and we can browse the latest dishes. An interesting feature is the random selection of recipes by shaking the phone, so if you just don’t have an idea for a dish, nothing is lost yet. If we manage to create a dish that we want to share, this option also exists.

The database is a bit smaller than in the previous app, but it also has some interesting options. The most interesting one is the menu of the day, which is a set of 4 dishes prepared for the whole day. You can also like your favorite dishes and check various tricks of real chefs. Besides, there are clear descriptions and good pictures. The app also pampers us with categories. Besides the basic ones, we can find seasonal dishes, simple dishes or trendy culinary trends. Sounds tasty!


Now maybe it’s time for something foreign. This is an application of a well-known service BuzzFeed. It allows for convenient sorting of dishes. We can easily turn on vegetarian mode, sort by ingredients or occasions. Noteworthy is the option that allows you to leave the smartphone screen on while cooking. In the database you can find more than 3000 dishes, which is a little less than in previous proposals. This application unfortunately does not have the Polish language. This does not change the fact that it is worth checking out what it offers.


This application is a huge treasury of recipes. In its library you will find as many as 2 million recipes! Who would expect that so many can be invented? The app allows us to combine a dish with a shopping list. We can also try to rely on its choices, as there is a function to learn your own preferences. This means that over time we will start getting suggestions selected based on our previous choices. As in its predecessors, we will also find good photos, instructional videos as well as personalized tips

With apps like these, even big skeptics of cooking can be convinced to get into it. Remember, cooking has its own benefits, and maybe through these apps you will discover your next passion?

All apps are available for Android and iOS.

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