Benefits of core banking software platforms for client engagement

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Clients increasingly want access to their account information and transactions anytime, anywhere, and on any device they choose. Core banking software platforms can make this possible by giving clients the ability to use their preferred devices to view their account balances, access cash-management services, and make payments at any time of day or night, in addition to other benefits. Read more about how core banking software platforms can make it easier for you to increase client engagement here.

Multiple Benefits

With increased competition in the financial sector, core banking software platforms are becoming a main focal point for banks. While big players and start-ups alike strive to create new ways of engaging clients, core banking software platforms offer institutions a tried and tested way of maintaining a consistent level of service for their clients, as well as managing day-to-day transactions at an efficient pace. There are many benefits that come with using these systems: from handling all transactions digitally to allowing customers to connect with an advisor at their convenience, the list goes on. 


  • This can handle digital transactions easily when set up to do so by the bank, these systems can send all information securely.
  • All customer data is secured and encrypted, meaning your customer’s personal details are always safe. 
  • As the number of fraud cases continues to rise, it is essential that institutions implement these platforms, so they can stay ahead of trends and avoid being a victim themselves. 
  • Automating some processes also means less time spent manually carrying out monotonous tasks, which gives staff more time to focus on other aspects such as advising customers on more complex matters. 
  • Having all customer data centrally located in one place also means that banks have easy access to this information should any queries arise about certain transactions or inquiries made by customers – making things simpler for everyone involved! 
  • Customer requests could be handled faster than ever before if you have the right tools in place!
  • Customers often feel reassured when they know they can speak to someone face-to-face during working hours – especially those who may be feeling vulnerable. But the great thing is that now, customers are able to chat remotely with advisors at their convenience. 
  • The potential for cost savings is huge too; for example, a single platform will only need updating once, instead of each individual piece across an institution individually having updates installed separately. 
  • Enabling real-time notifications will keep both parties informed every step of the way during each transaction carried out between them – from submitting documents to verifying identification details, etc. 
  • Accessing online accounts through mobile devices has become the norm for most people today, but for those without internet connections or smartphones, there is still hope! Most institutions will allow you to use a simple SMS (text) message-based interface as long as your device supports this technology. 



Core banking software platforms are the perfect way to keep your clients engaged, and they offer an added level of service. As you are able to monitor client activity through the platform, it’s easier to see how the clients interact with other offerings in your company. For example, if you offer credit cards and loans, you’ll be able to see how your clients view those options and choose which option they want without having to take a more traditional approach.

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