Which type of vacuum cleaner to choose – types

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When looking for the right vacuum cleaner, you can find a lot of different models. Choosing the right vacuum cleaner can be confusing, so we’ll try to give you an idea of the most important features of the different equipment.

What are the types of vacuum cleaners?

The most common devices are:

  • traditional vacuum cleaners
  • bagless vacuum cleaners
  • upright vacuum cleaners
  • multifunction vacuum cleaners
  • vacuuming robots
  • handheld vacuum cleaners

These types of appliances are most commonly used in homes. We have omitted appliances used in industry, as you are unlikely to consider them

Traditional vacuum cleaners

These are the most common appliances. They are equipped with a bag into which all the dirt and dust is collected. They are very versatile devices, you can use them for vacuuming hard floors, soft floors and for cleaning your car.

Bagless vacuums

They work similar to traditional vacuum cleaners, only instead of a bag, they have a container into which dirt is collected. It is considered more economical because you don’t have to spend money on buying bags. These models are also recommended for allergy sufferers.

Upright vacuum cleaners

These are models that work wirelessly and are equipped with a battery. These devices are recommended for smaller apartments because their average run time is about 40 minutes. This may not be enough to clean a house with a large area.

Multifunction vacuum cleaners

These types of devices are designed for multiple tasks. They can vacuum, mop floors and windows, and wash upholstery. You’ll need a lot of storage space if you opt for them, as their size is larger than traditional vacuum cleaners

Robot vacuum cleaners

This is a good choice for people who value convenience. The device itself cleans the selected surface, you just need to turn it on or program it to clean the surface at a specific time. It has built-in sensors and cameras that allow it to avoid obstacles. Most often, you control it with your smartphone, so you can start cleaning from work or while you are shopping.

Handheld vacuum cleaners

These are rather small devices with low suction power, so they are rather used for light cleaning jobs.

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