Phone tripod – which one to choose?

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Want to take a good photo with your smartphone, but can’t keep your hand still every time? Think about buying the right tripod! We check which models are available on the market and which are the best.

Why do I need a tripod at all?

Despite the fact that smartphone cameras are getting better and better, and many of them even have optical image stabilization, still taking pictures “handheld” can be problematic. In such situations, a tripod will be indispensable, which will make it easier to take a great picture. It will be very helpful when we want to take a panorama of a landscape, for example. It will allow us to avoid accidentally moving the phone. Similarly, a tripod may be helpful when you want to take pictures at night with a long exposure. The phone needs to be still, otherwise the picture will be blurred. You should also think about buying a tripod if you record a lot of videos, for example for YouTube or social networking sites

What tripods for phones look like

Unlike cameras and camcorders, smartphones do not have tripod threads, so they cannot be mounted on traditional structures. We can, however, equip ourselves with an appropriate adapter and, if we already have a suitable tripod, use it. However these types of constructions are usually large and bulky. Special tripods for mobile phones are usually smaller and can easily fit into a backpack, so we can take them on a trip. We can find several types of tripods for mobile phones on the market:

  • three-armed phone tripods, so called tripods – they have the ability to adjust the height and change the head setting. On the market you can find both big and solid tripods, which are suitable for professional use, and pocket tripods, so called tripods, which are perfect for travelling;
  • monopods – tripods that have only one leg. They are light but not very stable. We have to hold them all the time while taking a picture and they actually serve as a support;
  • selfie sticks – probably the most common type of tripods for phones. As the name suggests, it is primarily used for taking selfies, and the phone is placed at the end of a long handle. Keep in mind, however, that they don’t provide much image stabilization, and if you want to record videos in motion, it’s worth investing in a gimbal

What to pay attention to when buying

First of all, it is worth paying attention to whether the tripod will fit our phone. Some may be too big. You should also not buy the cheapest tripods, but choose a solid device that will serve you for a long time. What else should you pay attention to?

  • Stability – the extent to which the tripod will help us take a photo without moving the phone;
  • adjustment – it would be a good idea for the tripod legs to be adjustable, so as to eliminate curves of the surface and enable taking pictures from various perspectives;
  • quality of workmanship – the material from which the tripod is made should be light, but durable. The best will be metal constructions, especially aluminum, which are much lighter than standard solutions. Buying a plastic tripod is not a very good idea. They are not very durable;
  • versatility – it is worth paying attention to the fact that the tripod you buy will fit many phones, not only our model. We never know when such an option will be useful

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