Can a dryer be placed on a washing machine?

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Since the washing machine and dryer are commonly used devices, many people ask themselves – is a dryer placed on a washing machine a good idea? We suggest how the correct positioning of the equipment should look like.

The convenience of having not only a washing machine, but also a dryer

Among the basic household appliances can certainly be mentioned a washing machine. Recently, the automatic dryer is also gaining popularity. Not so long ago, in most households there was only a traditional dryer, on which clothes were hung manually. However, it turns out that the automatic dryer is a much better choice, allowing you not only to save time but also space.

It would seem that the traditional dryer is the more compact choice due to the fact that it can take up relatively little space when not in use. However, every time you hang out your laundry on it, you will realize that it takes up a lot of space – and it has to stay that way until all your clothes are dry. As a result, the tumble dryer is becoming an increasingly popular choice. It may be worth organizing a bit of space or a home laundry room where the dryer will be permanently placed. So is it possible to set up a dryer on top of a washing machine?

Positioning the dryer on the washing machine

It turns out that it is possible to have the dryer and the washing machine standing on top of each other and thus save a lot of valuable household space. This is a solution that makes extremely optimal use of space. To position the dryer on top of the washing machine in a safe way, invest in an accessory called a joiner. It makes mounting one appliance on top of another very easy. Some models even have special shelves for the dried laundry, so it’s a very functional item.

The specific model of the connector should be chosen according to the dimensions of the washer and dryer, as well as the possible load. It is worth paying attention to the additional features of the connector, such as drawers. Buying a washing machine, a dryer and a washer dryer from the same manufacturer is usually a safe option, but it is advisable to carefully check the individual parameters of the devices.

How to place a dryer on a washing machine?

Once you have chosen the space where you would like to place the dryer and the washing machine, the next step is the proper installation. First, place the connector on the washing machine according to the manufacturer’s recommendations found in the instruction manual. Once the fastener is attached, placing the dryer on the washing machine is possible. To do this, it may be necessary to get help from another person, since the dryer is not the lightest equipment. For added safety, the created laundry tower can be further secured with an anti-vibration mat, which is placed under the washing machine.

Why should you not put the dryer on the washing machine without protection?

A washing machine is an appliance which, during its work, generates strong vibrations and oscillations lasting more than an hour. Therefore, if you put the dryer on the washing machine without the proper connecting element, the dryer could fall from it, which would not only threaten the destruction of not the cheapest equipment, but also endanger the health and safety of household members.

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