Home monitoring – advantages and disadvantages

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Protecting property is a priority for many people. Monitoring cameras, which have been popular recently, help with this. But is home monitoring necessary? For whom it works best?

Do you need monitoring of your home?

A guarded, fenced, equipped with alarms housing estate, which every night is watched over by a watchman. Is a home monitoring system necessary in such a situation? Then the external one is unnecessary. However, you can opt for internal monitoring. In the event of a burglary you will have evidence that will allow you to find the perpetrator

Do you live in a detached house with a large garden? Then outdoor monitoring may be a very good option. It will serve as a deterrent – a potential thief seeing the cameras will rather avoid them. Cameras also perform the function of surveillance, and tapes with recordings are the perfect evidence. Read the advantages and disadvantages of monitoring – it will help you make a final decision.

Advantages of home monitoring systems

  • reliable real-time information about what exactly is happening on your property. You can observe the property from your computer or even your phone
  • view your home and surroundings 24 hours a day. Even when you are away from home, for example, on a business trip or vacation.
  • state-of-the-art cameras guarantee efficient operation even when it’s night, rain or snowing outside. Regardless of the weather conditions the quality will be satisfactory, which is extremely important for collecting evidence after a crime or offence.
  • cCTV cameras allow you to catch the slightest movement, as well as track it. You will know, and in real time, what the captured person is trying to do.
  • an advantage worth mentioning is the ability of monitoring to work with other alarm systems. By combining cameras, burglar or fire alarms, you can create an interlocking system that controls what happens in your home and on the premises.
  • the undoubted advantage of indoor monitoring is the observation of what the household members, caretaker or cleaner are doing.

Disadvantages of monitoring systems

Monitoring has many advantages but equally many disadvantages that may affect your decision to purchase cameras for your home, here are a few of them:

  • no monitoring system is perfect, with a large area there may be blind spots in several places. There you will not see what is currently happening.
  • deciding on a more advanced control, you have to reckon with a fairly high purchase cost.
  • using cheaper analog cameras may not bring the expected results. These cameras record in maximum resolution – 704 x 574 pixels. Nowadays it is really not much. Relatively low price means poor quality
  • modern solutions also require a large amount of memory. External disks allowing to record high-resolution video are a considerable expense.
  • less important, but for many also a significant aspect, is the appearance of the cameras, which may not match the rest of the environment.

A brief summary of what you should pay attention to when buying monitoring system

Recording speed and file compression are two key aspects you should pay attention to when buying a video surveillance system. But that’s not all – check how the cameras analyze images and whether it is possible to view the displayed material via the network. Also, make sure that the camera can be operated with a cell phone application. It is worth choosing a solution that can be connected to the rest of the alarm systems in the house. Finally, pay attention to the appearance and finish of the cameras. Of course, this aspect should not be a priority, but rather an additional one. Then you will be sure that you have chosen the right home monitoring system!

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