How to take care of your eyesight in front of the computer?

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Good eyesight is given to us only once in our lives. So you need to take care of it, because it is extremely easy to have problems here. Especially important is the hygiene of work at a computer. What should you pay attention to when you are forced to stare at the screen for a long time?

Before you sit down at the computer

It turns out that although the ergonomics of the workstation is the most important, you can take care of your eyes long before you sit down at your desk. How to do it?


First of all, a very important element of taking care of our eyes is a proper diet and supplementation. It is about a balanced menu, which would be rich in minerals, vitamins and other nutrients. Among the necessary vitamins it is worth to mention especially A, C and E. Zinc, magnesium and selenium are also needed. It is also important to moisturize the eyes – it is worth using eye drops such as artificial tears. It is also worth giving up smoking and insufficient sleep

The right microclimate

Although it may not be the first thing that comes to mind when we experience eye problems after long periods of working at a computer, the microclimate in the room may also be an unfavourable factor. The problem arises especially when the interior is excessively dry. It is then recommended to use air humidifiers to achieve the recommended 50% humidity.

Computer hygiene: eye exercises and breaks

One of the worst things we can do is to work continuously and uninterrupted at the computer. For every hour of intensive work of our eyeballs there should be at least 5 minutes of rest. Exercising your eyes is also valuable – for example, looking away at the greenery, which calms us down and helps the eye to rest. Frequent blinking, which helps to moisten the eyes, is also valuable


Probably the most important element, i.e. preparation of the workstation in accordance with the principles of ergonomics, cannot be omitted here.

Monitor, chair and desk

These three pieces of furniture are extremely important here, so that we can maintain healthy eyesight despite many hours of staring at the computer screen while working. So it is worth remembering that:

  • the distance between our eyes and the monitor should be at least 40 cm (preferred distance is even 75 cm);
  • the screen should be tilted back by 10-20 degrees;
  • the monitor should be placed slightly below the level of our eyesight – this will allow us to keep our neck and spine in a natural position;
  • the picture must not be too bright – straining our eyes in front of the computer is not good for our health;
  • the screen should not be too bright – straining our eyes in front of the computer is not good for our health; we should frequently vacuum the screen in order to prevent dust from irritating our eyeballs;
  • the room should be evenly lit – the interior can even be slightly darkened;
  • modern monitors with high resolution are a better solution than older units which are very straining for eyesight
  • the desk should be high enough
  • the chair should have a large range of adjustment and keep the spine in the right posture, which also translates into how our eyes are positioned in relation to the monitor.

Corrective glasses

People who wear glasses should get specialized anti-reflective lenses. Wearing them will help deal with glare, increase contrasts and improve visual acuity.

Vision problems, computer work and visiting a specialist

Sometimes, however, working at a computer for a long time every day can make your eyes burn or itch worse. If the symptoms do not go away after a few days and you feel a significant deterioration of your vision, you should see an ophthalmologist. It is not difficult to spoil your eyesight very much when your work takes place in front of a computer. However, health problems can be avoided – it is enough to react as soon as possible. Remember that more and more office workers suffer from computer vision syndrome (CVS) or dry eye syndrome.

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