How do I improve the sound of my audio system?

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Musical hearing allows us to recognize and repeat sounds, tones, and is responsible for identifying melodies and more. However, humans have another type of hearing that is responsible for our sensitivity to the quality of sound perceived by the sense. Unfortunately, by listening to music from phones or laptops and using low-quality headphones, sound hearing becomes blurred and stops functioning as it should. Fortunately, this is a quality that we can acquire again with a little work. However, it is well known that prevention is better than cure, so learn about ways to improve the sound quality of your audio system.

Not every piece of equipment can be saved

At the very beginning, it is necessary to point out one important thing: not every piece of equipment can be upgraded. Of course, you don’t need an audio system worth hundreds of thousands to start with, but supermarket headphones bought for 10 PLN will never sound like decent headphones. The price doesn’t have to be the highest, but in case of audio equipment, the price usually translates into quality.

Before buying headphones, speakers or any other sound equipment, try to try out a given model and find out, apart from its parameters, its capabilities in practice. Unfortunately some equipment, despite quite promising data in specifications, do not sound good because of using inappropriate materials or lack of developed configuration possibilities. In this situation, unfortunately, you can make a bad decision and lose money on equipment, which seemed to be great, but the fantastic sound will remain only in the theoretical space.

The right cables

The type of cables you want to use with your equipment is also not insignificant to the sound. Cables vary in many ways, from the material that conducts the impulses, to the thickness, to the type of outer sheath.

The quality of the cable also makes a huge difference in how long it lasts. Everyone probably happened at least once to break the cable of headphones and knows what it entails. Sound interruption, crackling, feedback are just a few of the unpleasant consequences of such a failure. To protect cables from damage it is worth to group them and strengthen them, so they do not break at critical points, for example at the connector. To splice several cables together and stabilize them it is useful to use cable clamps. Depending on the thickness of the cable, the number of wires in the construction, and their purpose, you’ll have to choose a slightly different type of clamp, but if you have any doubts, the store staff will certainly be able to advise you.

Amplifiers and stereo speakers

Explaining how amplifiers work, what affects their sound quality and the sound they produce is far too complicated a matter that lies in physics. What you should know as a budding audiophile is that a tube amplifier is the best thing you can do for your ears

Good quality, heat resonating speakers connected with high quality cables to such an amplifier guarantee the best sound experience. Tube amps are not the cheapest, but once you hear the sound they produce, you will immediately understand why the price is so high. This is definitely an investment for years that will pay off for you.

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