How to clean the hood?

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The kitchen is the place where we prepare all our meals and spend a lot of time every day. Taking care of cleanliness and proper hygiene in this room is very important for our health. Cleanliness in the kitchen is essential for our food to be tasty and healthy.

Why is it so important to take care of the cleanliness of the hood?

A piece of equipment that we often forget about when cleaning is the hood. This is a mistake, because this device sucks in the air along with all the impurities – from dust to grease from pans. When we do not clean it regularly, dirt settles on its surface and internal components, which directly affects its operation and deteriorates the air quality in the house. This can lead to an unpleasant odor in the room and, in the long run, also to respiratory diseases. Consequently, dirt, instead of being removed, will begin to settle on other elements of the kitchen equipment and the living room, if it is connected to the kitchen. 

Ways to keep the kitchen clean – what is the best way to clean the hood? 

The simplest way, using an agent that everyone has at hand, is to wash the hood with warm water and dishwashing liquid. This preparation contains surfactants, which are great for dealing with various types of dirt. In addition, these substances dissolve grease, which is an extremely important asset in the fight against sticky dirt on the hood. There is a mass of detergents available on the market, thanks to which you can quickly deal with any dirt. However, it is also possible to prepare homemade and eco-friendly specifics.

With what to clean the hood? 

A homemade way to clean the hood is to prepare a mixture of food vinegar and water and spray the surface of the device. It is enough to leave the concoction for several minutes so that the dirt is dissolved and then scrub it thoroughly with a sponge. The smell of vinegar will linger in the air for some time, so after this procedure you need to remember to ventilate the apartment.

Baking soda 

A frequently used method is to clean the hood with a slurry of baking soda. Apply the mixture to the dirt and leave it for a while for the chemistry to take effect. After a few minutes, simply wipe the hood with a wet sponge and watch how even the most stubborn dirt comes off with every hand movement.

Preparations for cleaning hoods 

On the market we can also find special preparations created for cleaning any equipment in the house. In household chemical stores we will get special products designed for cleaning kitchen hoods. However, it is important to pay attention that the preparation we choose is safe for the surface of the device. It is best to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations on the packaging.

How to clean a neglected hood? 

All the above-mentioned methods will allow us to easily get rid of dirt from the surface of the hood, but what if our device has not been cleaned inside for a long time? The best solution in such a situation is to disassemble the equipment and wash its components separately. Hard-to-reach places can be cleaned with an ordinary toothbrush or a small rolled-up cloth. Also, do not forget to regularly replace the carbon filters. Dirty and grease-laden membranes do not perform their function properly. Even when you clean your equipment to a shine, without a clean filter the kitchen hood will not effectively clean the air.

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