Laptop or desktop computer? How to choose the right equipment for our needs?

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Laptop or desktop computer? The choice is not that simple. The two devices have more and more in common. What should you bet on? Which solution will meet your expectations?

Pros and cons of a desktop computer

Unlimited expandability

Today’s desktop computers can be expanded at will. Of course, you need to have the means to do so. More disk capacity, more RAM, a more powerful graphics card, or replacing an outdated case with a new one – it’s all possible. If your hobby is computer games, this is a really good choice. Then the latest titles will run smoothly and flawlessly

Not so huge at all

Modern computers can be really small in size. Looking for something to work on, you can easily find a small unit that will meet your expectations. A rather unattractive, large box is a thing of the past. A computer these days won’t take up too much space. In addition, you can bet on a PC in the monitor – it is slightly weaker but much more convenient.

Return to the normal world for a while

By choosing a traditional computer, you can return to reality from time to time. You finish work, take your laptop with you, fire it up again at the cafe or during lunch, and then take it home as well. Your computer doesn’t allow you to do that. After work, when you want to go out somewhere, you won’t be able to continue staring at the screen. Your eyes will thank you for the respite

Lack of mobility is also a disadvantage

There is no denying that in many cases, the inability to move a desktop computer anywhere is a huge disadvantage. Sometimes you also need to work at home, and leaving your computer at work, you don’t have such an opportunity. This is when you should reach for a laptop.

Computer can be too expensive

Prices of laptops start from over 1000 PLN, especially for post-lease models. New devices are not much more expensive. Desktop computers, however, are a slightly larger expense. Unfortunately, the box itself is not enough. Speakers, monitor, keyboard and mouse are the basic equipment that you need to buy. So the price of the computer goes up quite a bit

What are the advantages of choosing a laptop? What are its disadvantages?

Move your work and entertainment to any place you want

There’s no denying that the biggest advantage of a laptop is its mobility. With only a few pounds and the size of a carry-on luggage, you can take it anywhere. A laptop is also the only choice for remote work when you are doing it from a distant corner of the world. The convenience of use compared to a desktop computer is indescribable.

No cumbersome cabling

A computer is a stack of cables tangled under your desk. A laptop? A charger cable and only when you’re not using it! Or speakers, if you want to amplify the experience of listening to audio files or watching your favorite TV show. You can also plug in a mouse, but after a few weeks of practice, the touchpad should have no secrets from you.

Extensive communication

The undoubted advantage of the laptop is an extensive communication. WiFI module, Bluetooth, 3G modem, 4G, and probably soon 5G, GPS or SD card reader are already a standard. The latest proposals have even more

Limited number of sockets

Laptop unfortunately has a limited number of audio outputs and inputs, USB, HDMI or eSATA and PCI slots. Newer devices, however, especially those with larger sizes, have more of them. Unfortunately, more slots also means much larger hardware, which translates into less mobility.

Mobility increases the risk of damage

Having a laptop always at hand, you thus increase the risk of its damage. With this type of device, parts can be hard to come by, and certainly quite expensive. When you travel with a laptop, you also increase the likelihood of it being stolen or lost.

Hardware tailored to your needs?

It all depends on your lifestyle. Do you prefer to work stationary, don’t take your work home, love to relax from virtual reality, and sometimes in your free time play the latest releases on the market? In this case, the computer will be perfect. However, if you value mobility, working from a restaurant, beach or mountain cabin is something you love, choose a laptop and you will not regret this decision.

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