Can you replace a smartphone screen yourself?

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Smartphone manufacturers are creating more and more durable phone screens. However, they are still not armored, so it is not uncommon for us to face replacing them. Can such a procedure be performed independently at home? Is a visit to a service center necessary? Let’s find out!

Common faults related to the smartphone screen

Smartphones are usually very fragile, as most of their surface is occupied by a display made of glass. As a result, it is not uncommon to see situations when, after dropping the phone, we pick it up only to see a web of cracks presenting on it. Usually, this type of damage means that the smartphone can no longer simply be used, since it is a touch-sensitive device. If the phone responds to touch despite the damage, it is possible that we will only have to replace the glass and the part called the digitizer. If the phone does not display anything after the fall, it means that the display has also been damaged, so the repair will cost us much more.

What to do in case the screen of our smartphone is damaged?

In such a situation we have several options. The first, of course, is to replace the smartphone with another model. You can also try to get it repaired at the store where we bought it. It is worth remembering that the basic phone warranty does not usually cover mechanical damage. If we want to protect ourselves in case our phone breaks, we can invest in insurance for it beforehand.

If we are attached to our phone and want to repair it even though it was not properly insured, we can go to a GSM service center or try to undertake the task ourselves. This is not easy, but feasible. It is also important to note that breaking the warranty seals, caused by dismantling the equipment, can result in the loss of the phone’s warranty. Self-repair also involves the risk of damaging the device. How to prepare for this?

What should you equip yourself with if you want to replace the smartphone screen yourself?

The most important item will, of course, be a replacement part suitable for our phone model. In addition to this, precision tools that are suitable for carrying out operations of this kind will also be extremely useful. Among them we can mention a plastic spatula, a peseta, double-sided tape or screwdrivers.

Replacing the screen on some smartphones may also require us to get such items as a suction cup holder or a temperature-controlled tanner.

How to repair a phone screen yourself?

Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all screen replacement guide for all smartphone models. Fortunately, numerous video tutorials for specific phones can be found online. Usually, however, screen replacement looks as follows:

  1. opening the phone – at first, remove the back cover, remove the battery and locate the screws. Then disassemble the smartphone using wedges;
  2. removing the screen – we use a hair dryer to remove the mounting adhesive from the stripped phone body. It usually takes only a few moments to separate the body from the display. Then we apply the display glue to the frame (not the display glass!) of the phone, this preparation should be included in the kit; 
  3. installation of the new screen – after applying the glue, remove the protective strips and place the new display in the right place. Then you need to make sure that the cable connections are in place and you are done. Now all that remains is to assemble the smartphone. 

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