How do I choose a TV size for the room?

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Have you wondered what size TV should be in your living room? We will shed some more light on this question

What kind of TV is best?

The times when our televisions looked more like a big cardboard box are long gone. With the advancement of technology, their size gradually changed until it reached the minimum available. The slimmer the TVs became, the more their diagonal size increased. Nowadays, we can encounter various types of televisions and at first it is worth considering this issue, however, and only later on the size of our new equipment

First, we will take a look at LCD televisions in which special CCFL lamps have a special task and it consists in illuminating pixels in an appropriate way. The technology they use results in lower energy consumption, which also translates into lower electricity bills. Another advantage is the fact that we can find this type of receiver in a very attractive price.

LED televisions, in turn, are an improved version of the predecessor described above, but in this case, instead of CCFL lamps there are LED diodes that emit enough light to adequately illuminate the pixels. As a result, we get a much better picture quality. We must remember that TVs of this type are divided into Edge LED (LEDs placed at the edge of the screen) and Full LED (LEDs are distributed over the entire surface of the display)

The last of the available technologies is OLED. It uses organic diodes that are responsible for independent generation of pixels. Thanks to this solution, we can enjoy a clear picture, which will be useful when watching dynamic films or playing consoles.

How to properly choose the size of the TV set in relation to the size of the room?

At the very beginning we should take under consideration two factors, when it comes to the appropriate distance between us and the screen: diagonal and resolution. They should be of such a size that you will not feel any discomfort while watching television and at the same time your eyes will not suffer.The first thing we should do is to measure the distance from the place where we are going to sit (or lie down if we are looking for a receiver for the bedroom ) to the place where our dream TV is going to stand. Usually our choice is divided between Full HD or UHD 4K screens. At this stage of preparation, we need to convert the distance in centimeters to inches. In the case of our first choice, it will be a distance of 4.2 centimeters for every inch of diagonal. And if we choose the UHD 4K option, then a distance of 2.1 centimeters will correspond to one inch. So, in the case of a Full HD TV, if it is 47 inches, the correct distance between your eyes and the device will be 1.97 meters

Suggested distances from the screen

Each receiver has a recommended proper angle and distance. In order to experience the best visual experience and enjoy an irreplaceable picture quality, the TV screen should be about forty degrees of your viewing area. If we do not have the time or inclination to calculate the appropriate distance and viewing angle on our own, on the Internet we can find many calculators that will do it for us in a second.

What else is worth remembering?

Often, under the excitement of buying a new, decent equipment, we actually forget to get acquainted with its exact size. It’s important to remember that a TV doesn’t just come down to the size of the screen. While our shopping is still going on, we should carefully pay attention to all its dimensions, such as:

  • screen,
  • base,
  • frame.

It is also worth considering in advance where our new receiver will be placed so that later it does not turn out that the piece of furniture is too small or the distance is not sufficient. An important aspect is also the adequacy of the resolution in relation to the screen size. Simply put: the larger the screen, the higher its resolution should be, and with a higher resolution the image quality increases as well, not the number of visible pixels.

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