How to improve the range on your phone?

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Phones these days accompany us constantly. For many people they are also an indispensable work tool. Problems with coverage can impair the quality of the Internet connection and make communication difficult. 

Despite the thriving mobile networks, we still encounter difficulties in some places to catch coverage or the connection is unstable.

What factors can cause coverage problems? 

Many variables contribute to how strong our coverage is. The main issue is the device itself, specifically its antenna. Good equipment is capable of receiving the highest quality signal. The location of the receiver is key here, as on some phones its location causes interference when you hold the equipment in your hand or pocket. Difficulties with signal reception are also affected by the material with which the antenna is coated. Some metals can adversely affect the operation of components.

The second very important issue is the transmitters – their lack of proximity, the problem of switching between them or too many users in one place. These are just some of the factors that can make it difficult for us to catch a connection with a base station. Coverage can also be affected by weather, for example, if there is damage to communication lines due to meteorological phenomena. The terrain itself can also play a role in coverage problems – various objects can be obstacles in the way of signal flow.

How to improve coverage on your phone? 

There is no one-size-fits-all way to get rid of coverage problems, as the appropriate solution should depend on the specific cause of the obstruction. However, there are simple methods that can help us with improving connection quality.

  1. Restarting the phone should be the first step in case of coverage problems. Often this method is enough to get rid of the inconvenience. Turn off the phone and after a few seconds turn it on again.
  2. If the first way doesn’t work, check if you need to perform a software update on your device. The latest version of the system will ensure better performance of the phone – it can solve the issue of a faulty connection.
  3. The phone can automatically detect the strongest network and connect to it. In the settings you can check whether this feature is enabled. If such a mode is unlocked, and the coverage continues to break, we can try manually setting the network to a different one, which will be optimal in the given conditions.
  4. In the case of nuisance coverage breakage in one place, you should contact the operator. You can ask them to boost the signal or check the nearest transmitter, as the problem may be due to mast damage.

What can coverage problems depend on?

Sometimes coverage problems are related to the incorrect placement of the SIM card in the device. You can try removing and reinserting it, making sure it is inserted correctly. It is also not uncommon for limitations to be related to terrain, so we need to consider whether there are any obstacles in the signal’s path. If this turns out to be a cause of difficulties, we need to find a place where the signal will reach us without interference.

It’s also worth paying attention to which operator we have a contract with, and if there are frequent problems, consider changing providers. Some companies offer better coverage in a given area than others. It’s worth asking friends if they also experience such problems and comparing service providers.

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