Will the PlayStation 5 come in black?

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What causes the most controversy among fans of PlayStation consoles? Is it about power, performance? No, it’s about… color.

Gamers are already used to the fact that since the release of the PlayStation 2 in the 2000s, all subsequent consoles from Sony invariably come in a black color version. This was probably also the expectation when Wired magazine published an interview with Mark Cerny in April 2019. This was the first official confirmation that Sony is working on a new console in the PlayStation series. It had its official launch in November 2020 and immediately began to generate a lot of excitement among gamers

It features an octa-core processor from AMD, 36 processing units and a custom graphics processor that supports real-time ray-tracing technology

What about the color?

Nothing would indicate then that the object of fierce discussions would not become the above-mentioned parameters, but something, seemingly, completely irrelevant – the case. In contrast to its predecessors, the PlayStation 5 console was released in white. Opponents of such a color scheme point out that the new Sony equipment very easily collects dust and visually stands out from other equipment with which it usually shares the shelves.

Naturally, there were questions about other color versions of the console. Fans asked Matt MacLaurin, vice president of user experience at PlayStation, among others. Using his profile on Facebook, he gave a rather surprising (from today’s point of view) answer.

A few months before the launch, he stated that the PlayStation 5 would not only receive many more special editions, but would also offer more customization options than any previous generation device

It was speculated at the time that some of these anticipated editions would already be presented at the November launch. This did not happen, however, and the vice president’s words are still unconfirmed. It’s unclear whether this is the result of a change of plans among Sony executives, or if the release of other color versions was planned for future years from the start.

Personalized console?

The possibility of modification, however, can not be denied this console. Its side panels are easily removable, which could confirm the claim that PlayStation 5 is designed for different color versions and accessories yet to come. These panels can already be replaced with non-original counterparts.

In January 2021, a high-profile case came to light when Sony tried to block the sale of such unauthorized cases, produced by Customize My Plates. The Japanese giant initially succeeded, but CMP announces that they have reintroduced their panels to the market and even filed an application with the patent office, claiming that they have made improvements to the ventilation system.

By far the bigger modifications were definitely made by the developers at Modding Cafe. They have created a futuristic-looking water-cooled model, and now they are announcing that they will put it into mass production.

North and space, or modifications from Sony

Those waiting for Sony-authorized modifications should not lose hope either. In May 2021, it was announced the release of two new color versions for controllers dedicated to the PlayStation 5 console, and as of now they are also available in Midnight Black and Cosmic Red . So it can be expected that similar colors are also foreseen for the console itself.

We can only hope that the manufacturer doesn’t follow in Ford’s footsteps and one day say “you can have PlayStation in any color – as long as it’s white”.

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