MacOS web browser – which one to choose?

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Apple computers enjoy unflagging popularity. We tell you which web browser you should consider using if you’re a macOS user. 

What is macOS?

macOS is the name of the operating system for Apple devices such as iMac desktops and the hugely popular MacBook laptops. Only users of the aforementioned hardware have to deal with this software. Due to the fact that macOS is designed for a relatively small number of devices, it is said to be a highly optimized operating system. macOS is also characterized by a long period of update support. Apple-branded devices carry many interesting features, such as answering calls from an iPhone on a Mac. There are various reasons why iMacs and MacBooks have so many users. However, many of them are wondering – which macOS browser to choose?

The native macOS browser, Safari

It is widely believed that Safari, Apple’s browser, is the best choice for macOS computers. This browser is built in and set by default on Apple-branded devices. Among the advantages of the Safari browser is that it consumes relatively little power, which is extremely significant on MacBooks.

It is said to be a very fast browser, as well as respecting the privacy of users. Moreover, you can sync it with its iPhone or iPad counterpart. This allows you to view bookmarks as well as history within the same account. However, there is a possibility that someone will not be satisfied with the solution offered by Apple. What to do instead of Safari?

A selection of functional browsers available for macOS

Google Chrome

This is an extremely popular choice among both macOS and Windows users. Google Chrome is a very fast browser and allows you to install a wide range of advanced extensions. Moreover, with Google Chrome it is possible to synchronize bookmarks and browsing history between different devices using your Google account.

Until a certain moment macOS users did not like this browser – it caused quite high energy consumption of the device. With subsequent updates, however, the problem was eliminated, so Chrome is a fairly common choice.


This is a browser that is certainly remembered by many. Despite its years, it is constantly updated and improved. Rendering a page in Firefox is relatively fast. The software is also characterized by a high level of user data security. Many people appreciate the tracking blocking built into it, as well as the numerous extensions offered. The Firefox browser is equipped with all the standard features. It is certainly an optimal choice for macOS as well.


This is another software familiar to both macOS and Windows users. Opera has the great advantage of a built-in VPN, which can be extremely useful if you use your computer in a public space, such as a library. In addition, there is an ad blocking feature built into Opera, and it also allows you to view videos from websites in separate windows.

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