What to pay attention to when buying an electric clothes dryer?

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Electric dryers are increasingly popular. Whether you have a large apartment or, on the contrary, a small space, it is a great solution.

But what model to choose, which will be efficient and practical? We suggest what to pay attention to when looking for the perfect electric clothes dryer. 

Advantages of electric dryers over traditional clothes dryers

Classic clothes dryers are certainly extremely useful pieces of household equipment. However, sometimes we find ourselves in a situation when we need a particular garment, but it is dirty. Although we can quickly wash them, an ordinary dryer will not make this piece of clothing dry immediately. Therefore, it is worth betting on an electric clothes dryer, which makes it possible to dry clothes in a really short time. On a classic dryer the laundry must hang for some time – even a few days. Then the clothes go through various smells, such as fried fish or other dishes. With an electric dryer, our clothes will always be fresh and pleasantly fragrant.

Despite the fact that a traditional dryer, when folded, is compact, once it is set up it turns out that it can take up a lot of space. So one of the reasons to bet on an electric dryer is to save space. A tumble dryer is an appliance that not only does not take up too much space, but also can be placed, for example, on top of a washing machine, using a suitable connecting piece, which further reduces the space taken up by it.

What parameters of the dryer can be very important?

A tumble dryer, like other home appliances, is a considerable expense. There are many features of electric clothes dryers, which are particularly worth paying attention to before buying a particular model. Below we list some of them that we have found to be the most important.

Load capacity of the dryer

One of the most important parameters is the load capacity. For some households, loads of 7 kg or 8 kg may be sufficient. However, it is not uncommon that the number of household members using the device turns out to be not small, and therefore the amount of laundry is also larger. Therefore, it may be worth betting on a dryer, the load capacity of which is similar to that of a household washing machine. Matching the size of the machine to the needs generated by daily life in the house is a very important issue.

Energy efficiency class of the dryer

The higher the value of this parameter, the more efficiently the equipment uses electricity, and therefore is more energy efficient. These values are specified by the letters A to G, where A means the highest class, while G means the lowest class. It is worth paying attention and the energy class of the equipment you potentially want to purchase to reduce the cost of operating the appliance. It turns out that many of the electric dryers use heat pump technology, so they are energy efficient, and also dry clothes without damaging them.

Available drying programs

One of the more interesting features of the dryer is the available drying programs. Many of the dryers are programmed so that clothes can be dried in them in a relatively short period of time, as well as in an extended period of time, which manufacturers often call complete drying. Some dryer models also come with other interesting options, such as choosing the time when the equipment should start running or reducing creases. 

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