What to choose – a dishwasher with a drawer or a cutlery basket?

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Choosing the right model of dishwasher can cause many problems. But we’ll try to make it a little easier. We’ll try to make it a little easier. We’ll tell you what advantages a cutlery basket has and what advantages a cutlery drawer has.

How does washing cutlery in a dishwasher work?

Washing cutleryin a dishwasher is a bit different from washing cups or pots. Forks, knives and spoons cannot be placed loosely in one of the baskets because they might move during the washing process and thus interfere with the whole machine. Cutlery therefore requires special places to be placed, which are a plastic drawer or basket. This is where they are placed so that they can be safely cleaned. However, it is important to note that not all pieces of crockery are dishwasher-safe. If you have knives or forks with different applications, such as gold decorations, it is better to wash them by hand so as not to damage them

Cutlery basket – advantages and disadvantages

A popular option is a dishwasher with a cutlery basket. It is usually placed in the lower basket. Its advantage is that you can easily place the items you want in it. After washing, the basket can be pulled out and placed anywhere, making it easy to empty the dishwasher. However, this solution also has its disadvantages. One of them is that the basket takes up a lot of space, which can be especially troublesome if your kitchen has a 45cm wide dishwasher. Then you lose space for extra plates or pots. What’s more, it’s virtually impossible to pull spoons and knives out by their handles, which is less hygienic

Dishwasher with cutlery drawer – advantages and disadvantages

An alternative to the basket is a special drawer for cutlery. It is usually located on top of the machine, above the upper basket. Its big advantage is that you don’t have to bend down to put a knife or a spoon in it. Another important aspect is that the drawer doesn’t take up any space in the lower compartment, so you can put more dishes in the dishwasher. Cutlery needs to be placed in the grooves in order to be washed properly, which can be time-consuming. However, it is more practical than a basket because after washing, you can pull the forks and spoons out by their handles. What’s more, the pieces won’t come into contact with each other, so they can be cleaned thoroughly

Basket or drawer – which should I choose?

You already know the advantages and disadvantages of each. Now it’s up to you to decide which is better and will clean your cutlery better. A dishwasher is supposed to be an amenity in your home, so remember to choose based on what’s more practical and convenient for you.

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