How to protect the screen of a smartphone?

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Smartphones are devices, the price of which is often high. To protect your newly purchased equipment from damage, you should properly protect its screen. Let’s see how to do it!

Why protect the screen of the phone?

The main part of smartphones is the screen, which covers most of their construction. This element is made of glass, which makes smartphones susceptible to various mechanical damages. After dropping the phone on a hard surface on its screen can form an unsightly spider web, which also prevents the comfortable use of the smartphone. 

Optimal functioning of the matrix and touch in the phone is closely related to the intact state of the screen. So it is worth taking care of this element of the device and protecting it properly. Thanks to this we will be able to enjoy our smartphone longer and avoid an unexpected purchase.

Recommended methods for securing a smartphone screen

There are several popular solutions that can be used to protect a smartphone. They differ in cost, as well as in the degree of screen protection they guarantee. However, it is worth noting at this point that no protection will be effective if we do not take care of our phone. Multiple falls and clear scratches can eventually damage the smartphone and we will be forced to buy a new model. 

Protective film for lighter damage 

Protective film is a very popular product that is used to protect the screen of a smartphone. Protective films are usually very thin, so they do not stand out too much on the surface of the screen. It is an effective way to protect your phone from scratches – instead of your smartphone screen getting scratched, it is the film that gets scratched. However, it is not a way to protect the screen from falls. A phone that has a protective film applied to it is not protected from breakage in any way.

Protective film is a relatively inexpensive product. In addition, it is flexible, so fitting it to the screen of the smartphone is not a big problem. It is recommended to people who are careful not to let the phone fall to the ground – but if you are more concerned about breakage, it is worth betting on something else.

Tempered glass for special tasks

Another solution, commonly used to protect the smartphone screen is tempered glass. This product is distinguished by adequate hardness and strength, which exceeds the durability of ordinary glass several times over. Correctly applied glass does not block the speaker or the functional buttons of the phone. In addition, this accessory is easy to install. High-quality tempered glass does not affect the sensitivity of the phone screen or the perception of displayed colors. Even if the tempered glass breaks, it will still stick to the phone screen and provide a protective barrier. The moment the glass looks unsightly, it should be replaced. There are different types of tempered glass. 

An interesting proposal is a “matte” tempered glass, designed for people who are disturbed by fingerprints formed on the classic glass. Tempered glass is a slightly more expensive option than the protective film, but with much better protective properties. If we care about protecting the screen against cracking, it is definitely worth betting on tempered glass.

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