Powerbank – an unnecessary or useful gadget?

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Are you thinking about buying a powerbank? The number of its advantages is proof that it is a purchase you will certainly not regret. If your work depends on mobile equipment or if you cannot imagine a moment without a charged phone, a powerbank will certainly come in handy.

Powerbank meets the needs of modern man. This small device allows you to charge among others your phone or laptop. Thanks to it you can use many devices without worry. Such a mobile powerbank is a good solution for trips or for work in places where there is no access to power outlets. If you are looking for suitable for you powerbank, GSMOK is a GSM wholesaler, where you will certainly find accessories that meet your expectations.

Advantages of powerbanks

These portable energy banks have universal application. You can charge with them various devices – smartphones, tablets, e-book readers or digital cameras. The small size of powerbanks makes them even more functional. You can take them anywhere – in your bag or backpack.

Thanks to wide price range on the market, powerbank is a gadget for every pocket. The better the parameters, the higher the price, however it is worth remembering that more expensive equipment will last longer.

What to pay attention to?

Before buying a powerbank you should think about what will be the best for you. The bigger capacity, the better. Higher value means a greater number of charges of external devices and faster charging time. On the market you can find powerbanks with very different capacity, from 2000 mAh to even 42000 mAh. If you only need the powerbank to charge your phone, a smaller powerbank with a capacity of 2000 to 5000 mAh will suffice. However, if you travel a lot, have several mobile devices and your phone is in constant use, you will need a higher capacity powerbank. However, you should remember that products with bigger capacity are also heavier and bigger.

You should also pay attention to how many USB outputs the powerbank has. Manufacturers offer equipment that has from 1 even up to 5 ports. However, the most common are two USB outputs. This is also a necessary minimum. This solution allows you to charge two external devices at the same time. Each powerbank is also equipped with a microUSB connector, which is used to charge the powerbank itself. It may take up to several hours to fully charge this portable charger, but some of the models have a faster charging option.

Powerbank add-ons

There are a range of add-ons that make using portable powerbanks more comfortable. These include, for example:

  • Solar charger – this is a great option, because it allows you to charge the powerbank anywhere, without having to plug it in
  • LED light – can be very helpful in various situations. It gives a strong light and, what is important, consumes little energy. Such an additional element is most common with powerbanks.
  • Key ring or holder – some smaller powerbanks have such holders, thanks to which you can attach them to your belt or keys.
  • LCD screen – such a display informs about the charging level of the powerbank.

Wireless charging

To meet the needs of customers, powerbank manufacturers offer devices that allow wireless charging. This is a big advantage, because you do not have to carry a cable with you. To charge an external device, you just need to touch it with the powerbank. This solution is especially beneficial when traveling.

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