Cleaning the scanner – how to do it?

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A scanner requires systematic maintenance and proper cleaning in order to do its job well

Although individual scanners differ in construction, it is possible to identify general rules that will be independent of the recommendations of companies offering scanning equipment. It also all depends on how often you use such equipment and what type of documents you work with. Interestingly, there is a paper that will leave more dust in the scanner than other types.

Cleaning the scanner – what should be kept in mind before starting work? 

A scanner is a device that requires access to electricity for its operation. Therefore, before any maintenance or cleaning work, we must remember to turn the device off using the power switch. In addition, it is also a good idea to disconnect the power supply cord from the device or unplug it from the outlet. This will ensure that we will not be electrocuted during cleaning. Moreover, for the time of cleaning, it is worth placing the equipment in a convenient place, such as on a table or kitchen counter, where we will have plenty of space to operate. 

How to properly clean the scanner? 

When planning to clean the scanner, it is worth getting the preparations recommended by the manufacturer. Then we will be sure that we will not damage the surface of the device. However, if you do not have special detergents, basic household chemicals that you have at home will suffice. However, it is worth choosing those with light and non-caustic action. This will avoid unexpected equipment failures.

How to clean the scanner? When cleaning the rollers, wheels of the separation roller or wheels of the pull module, turn them by hand until they are completely cleaned. It is worth remembering that you can use the scanner again only when all the components are completely dry.

If during this operation you notice that any of the rollers is damaged, you should keep in mind to replace it. When cleaning the background strips, on the other hand, wipe them with a slightly damp anti-static cloth, and then wipe them again with a dry cloth until no streaks are visible. Similarly care for the image processing guides. In addition, when cleaning, the device should not be flooded with too much water or detergent – the liquid can damage electronic components.

Cleaning the scanner glass – how to do it effectively and safely? 

Another very important activity for a scanner is cleaning the glass, on which we place the scanned document. Thanks to this plane, it is possible to accurately read the image, record it and transfer it to the memory of the device you own digitally. Manufacturers have developed special preparations with which you can safely and thoroughly clean the scanner glass. With the help of such cleaning liquid you can also care for monitors, tablets, laptop matrices and any LCD or LED screens. All you need to do is spray it on the surface of the scanner glass and clean with a soft cloth in circular motions.

When cleaning the glass surfaces of the scanner, remember to always reach for soft materials. Using a wire brush or a rough sponge can damage the glass – scratch it. Then larger or smaller unsightly lines will be visible on the scanned documents. What’s more, it’s also worth bearing in mind not to press the glass surfaces during cleaning, as they may break.

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