What gaming gear to choose?

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A gamer’s place in the apartment is no longer limited to a desk squeezed into a dark corner of the bedroom. After all, you need adequate space for two monitors, a microphone, a console, and your own assembled computer… Creating the perfect gamer’s corner is not an easy task, but with the help of a few tips you can arrange a functional place where gaming equipment will play the main role. We will pay attention not only to technical issues, but also to important details, such as custom lighting or keyboard or mouse pads


There is no doubt that a good monitor is the basis of gaming setup. But what kind of monitor can we call a good monitor? Here are a few advantages that a high quality gaming equipment should have:

  • High refresh rate – no more smearing effect, even in more dynamic games like FPS, football games or car racing simulations
  • Full HD resolution – clear image retained even with large screen diagonal
  • Less Blue Light – protects your eyes, even during longer gaming sessions
  • Night Vision – technology that allows you to see all your opponents even in dark rooms of the game
  • Curved screen – less eye fatigue
  • Anti-Flicker – reduces the flickering of the display

You will find all this when you bet on MSI monitors. Thoughtful choice will significantly improve the level of your gameplay and affect the comfort of computer use.

Gaming chair

While building your ideal setup, the choice of the right chair is often neglected. It might seem that since we have already spent several thousand zlotys on a monitor, graphics card or headset, a purchase of another several hundred zlotys is just an unnecessary expense. And sure, you can replace the gaming chair with any chair you already have at home, but how quickly will you regret it? Or rather, how quickly will your spine regret it?

Adjustable armrests, extra cushions, reclining backrest, abrasion-resistant fabric – these are the things you should pay attention to when browsing the gaming chairs available on the market. If you don’t take care of proper support for your back, hours spent at the computer will quickly take its toll

Gaming components

When putting together a gaming PC, keep in mind that cutting down on even one of the basic components will make a big difference during gameplay – or prevent you from playing the game at all

Before you move on to buying other components, it’s important to choose the right motherboard. As you probably know, it’s where the most important components, such as the processor, graphics card, and memory, are located. When buying, however, pay attention to whether the modern processor or graphics card you see in your dream PC have connectors that match the slots on the motherboard. Equally important are the extra slots for cache memory, which will undoubtedly come in handy over time.

The most important parameter you should pay attention to when looking for a processor is the processor clock speed. Several thousand will be the optimal value, but not always more GHz of a single core means better performance of the computer. It’s better to opt for buying extra cores to keep your PC running smoothly.

It is the insufficient amount of RAM that causes your computer to underperform what the other components should seemingly provide. This is why extra cache space on your motherboard is so important. Over time, when you notice that your computer becomes less efficient, you can easily expand the memory.

Additional accessories

When organizing your gaming corner, it is a good idea to leave room in your budget for accessories, which will make your setup fully customizable. What gadgets do gamers decide on most?

  • gaming mousepads – they will ensure proper mouse glide, and models available on the market with backlighting will give your desk a unique character;
  • headphone stand – will help you keep your desk in order and you will always know where your headphones are
  • steering wheel – ensures realism and takes your gameplay to the next level;
  • custom LEDs – color changing LED strips stuck behind your desk or monitor will make your gaming setup take a new dimension.
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