How to choose the right monitor?

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Regardless of the popularity of tablets and laptops ”PCs” are still the basic equipment for most users. However, it is necessary to choose the right monitor. Which of them are worth attention and why?

Who needs a good monitor?

The choice of appropriate equipment should be most important for those who work a lot on the computer. We are talking about people who work professionally in front of a computer screen, as well as avid gamers. Please note that not only our eyesight, but also many muscles and skeletal system are exposed to discomfort, as they remain in an unnatural position for many hours

Monitor size

Is it true that the larger the monitor, the better? Unfortunately, sometimes the choice of a very large model is not justified and can spoil our eyesight. In addition, using it may be impractical. Of course, it also happens that too small screen size forces us to scroll constantly and slows down the work

Graphic designers in particular should afford a monitor with a large diagonal. It should always have a good resolution – at least QHD.

Monitor and the amount of space

Of course the size of the monitor we choose must also depend on the amount of space we have on our desk. We must take this into account before we go shopping.

Choosing a monitor and its intended use

People who work with computer graphics appreciate the nuanced reproduction of colors, contrasts and light angles. So it is worth to think about buying equipment with VA or IPS matrix, which provide great possibilities in this regard

The work in a sunny room, on the other hand, should induce us to choose a matte matrix, while gamers should rather choose a TN matrix with short response time.

Image brightness vs. insolation of the room

The image brightness of 250 cd/m2 is nowadays a standard. It is worth to know, however, that if you often work in very sunny rooms, you should bet on the equipment with an even higher brightness, so as to have maximum comfort, without the need to draw the blinds on the windows

Monitors’ viewing angle

A parameter with a value of more than 170 degrees is a sign that even tilting the monitor sideways, forward or backward, you will get color and brightness without noticeable deterioration. Tilt angles of less than 160 degrees do not guarantee that even with a slight tilt, the mentioned parameters will deteriorate a lot.


A higher value of the resolution parameters means better picture quality. It is assumed that with a diagonal equal to or greater than 27 inches, you should choose copies with QHD resolution

Monitor adjustment

A comfortable monitor should be characterized by a convenient adjustment of the screen position. In addition, our equipment may have a pivot function. Thanks to it you can without much effort rotate it by 90 degrees so that it is in a vertical position.

What kind of monitor for gamers?

A gaming monitor has more specialized features than its office counterpart. Its performance is supposed to be based on providing the gamer with an unforgettable gaming experience. In addition to high resolution and short response time, they should also offer many connectors that will allow you to plug in additional equipment. Special technologies are designed to better reflect the reality of the game

Is more than one monitor worth it?

Having two or more monitors connected to a single computer often makes sense. Of course, the cost of several devices and a special mount for them will be higher, but the comfort of work, for example for people who often edit texts, will be much greater. It allows you to simultaneously have an open text sheet and one or two screens with the necessary data or articles. You can write without switching between tabs, which introduces unnecessary chaos.

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