Ranking of indestructible phones

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These devices are not afraid of anything. They are not afraid of water, dust or even falls from several meters. Let’s check which of the indestructible phones is worth buying.

For whom such a phone?

Phones mentioned in this text are not only resistant to falls or accidental splashes. These devices can withstand much more. Certainly, they can become an inseparable companion of all extreme sports enthusiasts, construction or workshop workers or hikers who sometimes like to get off the trail. Devices with increased resistance should easily withstand bathing in water, pollution or dust, extreme temperatures, as well as scratches, cracks and vibration.

Does a rugged smartphone have to be ugly?

Along with high durability, unfortunately, does not always go with the appearance. If we want our device to be resistant to adversity, we must accept the fact that it will not look like an ordinary smartphone. An exception here may be Samsung Galaxy Xcover Pro, which resembles in fact an ordinary phone with a slightly larger case.

Water resistance standards

When choosing our rugged phone, we should pay attention to what water resistance standard it has. We will usually check this in the specifications in the IP certification. For our device to withstand a short immersion, it should be at least IP67 certified. If we plan on taking long baths with our phone, we should choose a model that meets the IP68 or even IP69 standard.

Some interesting models

Cat S62 Pro – performance is on point

  • Operating System: Android 10,
  • display: 5.7-inch 2160 × 1080 px,
  • processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 660,
  • data storage: 128 GB,
  • rAM: 6 GB,
  • camera (rear): 12 Mpx,
  • weight: 248 g,
  • price: about 2400 PLN.

This is a phone that will meet the expectations of not only a person counting on high durability, but also one for which performance matters. Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 processor in combination with 6 GB of RAM provide pretty good performance, and a feature that can come in handy for all DIY enthusiasts is the built-in thermal imaging camera FLIR Lepton 3.5. The device can support two SIM cards simultaneously, has an NFC module and meets the IP68 and MIL-STD-810H resistance standards. The only disadvantage may be a bit high price.

Samsung Galaxy Xcover Pro – hardly looks rugged

  • Operating System: Android 10,
  • display: 6.3 inches 2400 × 1080 px,
  • processor: Samsung Exynos 9611,
  • data storage: 64 GB,
  • rAM: 6 GB,
  • camera (rear): 25 Mpx + 8 Mpx,
  • weight: 218 g,
  • price: about 2000 PLN.

Smartphone, which I mentioned above. If you are looking for a rugged model, which by the way does not look like a brick, Galaxy Xcover Pro can be an interesting choice. It is only a centimeter thick, which with not too much weight makes it simply pleasant to hold in your hand. The phone meets MIL-STD 810G and IP68 durability standards, in addition, its casing is non-slip, and the screen can be used even with gloves. On board we will also find dual SIM, NFC and Wi-Fi ac and Bluetooth 5.0, and on the back two cameras with lenses of 25 Mpx and 8 Mpx.

DOOGEE S58 Pro – something cheaper, but equally powerful

  • Operating System: Android 10,
  • display: 5.7-inch 1520 × 720 px,
  • processor: MediaTek Helio P22,
  • data storage: 64 GB,
  • rAM: 6 GB,
  • camera (rear): 16 Mpx + 2 Mpx + 2 Mpx,
  • weight: 285 g,
  • price: about 950 PLN.

And finally, something for those who need a solid phone for not too much money. DOOGEE S58 Pro we will buy for less than 1000 zł, and in return we get a phone that will be resistant to falls, will allow you to work in extreme temperatures, and also has IP68 certification. It is not the most powerful unit available on the market, but for basic work it will certainly suffice.

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