How do you limit the amount of time you use your smartphone?

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Smartphones have completely changed the way we live. They accompany us practically all the time. But what to do when we feel that we spend too much time with our phone?

This will not be an easy task

Smartphones very often help us in everyday life and are our inseparable companions. However, it happens that our attachment to the phone is too much and becomes an obsession or addiction. Phones have become our default activity. You are bored in the waiting room or on the bus – you use your smartphone

This is often accompanied by the phenomenon of FOMO, or Fear of Missing out. This is when we fear that we might miss something important. We don’t want to miss any status or message from a friend. As long as we can be bored without our phone, everything is fine. The problems begin when we can’t do that. That’s when it’s time to think about ways to limit the time we spend with our phones.

Notifications don’t help at all

You can limit the number of notifications from specific apps, opt out of them altogether, or only let them appear at certain times. We also often use our phone as an alarm clock. This is a very bad habit. When you sleep, make sure your phone is muted and out of sight. It is definitely better to check the time on a traditional watch.

Keep track of time

The key to using your smartphone in a healthy way is to control the time you spend with it. We can do this personally, for example, preparing a schedule of when we answer emails and at what times we can allow ourselves to watch a few videos on YouTube

However, it is important to closely watch it. More and more applications also allow us to check how much time we spent with them. It is worth using this option and keep an eye on ourselves.

Google and Apple will help you

Both the manufacturer of Android and iOS provide applications that allow you to consciously use your smartphone. In Google system, this application is called Digital Balance. It monitors how much time we spend on the phone, how many times we answered the phone or how much time we spent in a certain app and how many notifications we received from it

Thanks to this information we can decide which applications are indispensable to us and which we use too often. Digital Balance also allows us to limit the time spent on specific applications, so that it fits into our schedule. It is worth taking a moment to adjust your phone so that it serves you and not you.

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