Can a TV be mounted on the ceiling?

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Long gone are the days when owners of large-size TVs dreamed of owning a model that can be hung on the wall. Nowadays it is a standard, but you can go a step further and choose the ceiling as a surface for watching. After all, it can be quite convenient! How to hang a TV on the ceiling? Here is some valuable advice.

TV on the ceiling. Is it worth buying such a solution?

Definitely, it is more common to find situations where the TV screen is placed on the wall. Such a solution works perfectly well in the living room. Additionally, you can hang the receiver on a decorative wall so that your home entertainment center is not only functional but also aesthetic. What are the advantages of mounting the TV on the ceiling?

Where should I install the TV on the ceiling?

It is a solution designed primarily for bedrooms. It is there where a receiver suspended very high can work perfectly. It will allow you to watch movies in a very comfortable way when you are lying on your bed and relaxing. You will not have problems with your hand getting sore and having to support it while watching your favorite movie when you are lying on the bed and the receiver is installed lower on the wall. In other rooms such solutions are less common, but they always help to save space

Hanging a TV on the ceiling. What should you pay attention to?

So the idea of mounting a TV on the ceiling is certainly not a bad one. However, it can be a bit more difficult to implement. It is becoming more and more common to find equipment that is factory adapted to be hung on the wall. However, it can be problematic whether such possibilities also apply to placing it on the ceiling. So it is better to bet on a specialized mounting kit.

Ceiling mount for TV

On the market there are special brackets for ceiling mounting of the TV. Their disadvantage is that they are found less frequently and usually cost a bit more. It is extremely important to choose the maximum load capacity of a given mount in relation to the weight of the receiver we have. Manufacturers usually indicate on the packaging for which diagonal of the TV screen a given type of mount is intended. This is another parameter that cannot be omitted. What else plays a role? The last, but equally important factor when choosing a ceiling mount for a TV, will be the spacing of the mounting screws that the receiver has. This refers to how far apart the holes on the back of the cabinet are for mounting

What to take care of when attaching the TV to the ceiling?

First of all, we should pay attention to the quality and quantity of protection. The best models on the market will be made with great attention to precisely these elements. Remember that a television is going to be suspended at a considerable height and its possible fall on someone could have tragic consequences

TV hidden in the ceiling: a clever idea for mounting a receiver

However, it is not only the bracket that can help us to hang the TV on the ceiling. An alternative is to make the receiver slide out of the ceiling. To make such a construction functional and safe, it is necessary to purchase a special elevator for plasma and LCD. Such a device allows you to tilt the TV installed above the ceiling only for the time of viewing. Its advantage is the relatively small thickness, which reaches just over 20 cm. At the same time it is common to find equipment that allows you to install even TVs with a width of 120 cm. Their weight can reach up to 80 kg.

Such elevators are designed in an aesthetic way so that they fit especially into modern interior design. Special care is taken to hide the structural and mechanical components. The elevator for hanging the TV on the ceiling is also very easy to use – it is controlled with a remote control. Who will like this solution? It will certainly appeal to people who not only like comfort and modern interior design, but are also fascinated by novelties that make life easier.

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